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Event | 23 maart tot 25 maart 2020

Dankzij snel veranderende technologieën wordt science fiction al snel science fact. Tijdens dit internationaal congres dient science fiction als inspiratie voor productontwikkeling, productontwerp én de toekomst.

Scifi It2020

* Gezien de richtlijnen van Universiteit Gent rond het COVID-19 virus zal deze activiteit niet doorgaan. Bedankt voor uw begrip.

* De voertaal van dit internationaal congres is Engels.


Living in a world driven by rapidly changing technology, what used to be classified as science fiction is fast becoming science fact. Moreover science fiction has in its own right become a source of inspiration in product development and product design. This process, better known as science fiction prototyping, functions as a vehicle to promote creative thinking and innovation in the business and technology development process using ethnographic field studies, technology research and trend data in order to create a pragmatic vision of the future for consumers and computing called 'future casting'.

The fourth edition of the International Science Fiction Prototyping conference covers the transition of ideas and objects from science fiction through developmental research using simulation, modelling and AI into managerial, military, industrial and household objects and tools for our future present daily lives in order for the aforementioned to become an integral part of that future present. Scientific submissions (see the themes page) are solicited (use the reply page), which reflect this transitional design phase using visions of the future as mapped out in our common science fiction legacy in print and vision. 

Furthermore the event also aims to feature an exhibition of design objects which embody the essence of the event. For this exhibition, one page accompanying submissions to the exhibited objects can be submitted which will be printed in the adjunct proceedings. Presentations will be as poster or as short paper. Proposals should indicate either preference for table based and/or conference stage demonstration.

SCIFI-IT® Proceedings are submitted for indexing on SCOPUS/INSPEC-IET/ISI World of Science, and the Belgian Royal Library. Selected papers will appear in journals especially tailored to EUROSIS.

You can download the SciFi-It®'2020 Call for Papers here in Text format.

Info & registrations 

See the SciFi-It'2020 website.


Partners Scifi It 2020

Image: 'Memories' by Eric Candido